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Save the whole Marvel universe

MARVEL Duel is a fast-paced card game developed by  Netease Games Global for mobile device players. In this game, the Marvel Universe will need your help to restore everything into place as a mysterious evil force changed most of the legendary events that happened in history. You have to plan an efficient strategy and outsmart your enemy to be able to save them. You can call out for help from the world’s tremendous and most-loved Super Heroes. On top of that, this game also features the universe’s Super-Villains.

Summon and collect your favorite superheroes  

The game contains an enormous roster of Marvel characters ever. You will be able to play, collect, and upgrade more than 150 characters—Spidermen from different universes, various Iron Man armor suits, and legions of Asgardian warriors. Not only that, but you can also customize your collected superheroes. It sets no limitation, which means you can make Thor fight alongside Loki or have Iron Man team up with Thanos. In this game, every combination is possible.

MARVEL Duel showcases an epic 3D multiplayer combat play. You’ll be able to witness all these superheroes and villains unravel their extreme powers through astonishing and cinematic visual effects, striking in-game graphics and stunning game visuals that will let you have an enjoyable and immersive Marvel experience. Remarkable occasions, such as Civil War, Infinity War, etc. will be recreated here. However, you should brace yourself from tons of unexpected turn of events.  

Even with all these impressive game features, this strategic card game still needs more gameplay improvements. For instance, KO move in this game is often repeated. The heroes show the same signature power move over and over again. This aspect needs more variation to keep the players attracted. It would also be better if developers will add a countdown a reminder in their timer, so players would be aware that they are running out of time.  

All-new marvel adventures        

Despite needing gameplay enhancements, MARVEL Duel is still one of the MARVEL games recommended for diehard fans. The game is capable of providing its players fun and exciting strategy game experience. With a few tweaks and updates, it can be a favorite among MARVEL fans.


  • More than 150 Marvel characters
  • Relive icon events in Marvel history
  • Features the world’s greatest superheroes and super villains
  • Epic 3D multiplayer combat play


  • Lacks variation in K.O. move
  • No countdown reminder in timer

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MARVEL Duel 1.0.3 for iPhone

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